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 Sorting and Inspection

If you or your suppliers are dealing with bad parts that slow down the assembly line, we can help. We can provide a team of well trained personnel to inspect and contain out-of-spec parts before they enter the production flow. Our sorting and inspection programs ensure that products are examined, measured, or tested to meet your exacting specifications. We will certify or reject products based on your criteria and minimize costly downtime and production delays.

Do I need a sorting company?

There are several reasons why a manufacturer may want to hire an independent sorting and inspection company.

The most common scenario is where a customer requires their suppliers to bring in a third-party sort company to inspect and contain any quality control issues that may arise in the manufacturing process. This can ensure that production is not affected by such problems.

Another common case is when a manufacturer is “rolling out” a new product to a customer. The manufacturer may want to have a sort team in the facility where the new product is being delivered to in order to catch any quality issues before the project ever gets started. Obviously it would not be desirable to have your customer call you on the first day of production to inform you that your product is out of specification.

There are many other instances where a manufacturer may want to utilize the services of a specialized sorting and inspection team. Independent inspection can provide metrics to drive improvement in your production process without interrupting production itself, and without draining precious human resources from the production flow. Also, information that is gathered during an independent inspection project can be used in the development of quality management documentation for standards compliance. In many industries, such independent auditing processes are required.

In all of these cases, and many more, Zero Deviation can help you by providing guidance in determining the needs and scope of an independent sorting and inspection project and we can deploy a team in short turnaround time to implement the project.

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